Exponoivos with Verónica Cristóvão

Barbara Goyri will be presenting a collaboration with Verónica Cristóvão at Exponoivos from 18 to 19th January.

Verónica Cristóvão is a fashion designer specialized in the creation of personalized clothes. Lately she started creating wedding dresses for her clients and decided to launch her first bride collection called “Flourish”.

This collaboration started when Verónica gave Barbara the challenge of adorning the back of a wedding dress with a piece of jewellery with greek inspiration. Later, they decided to do design other bridal piece, a Jumpsuit with removable cloak and goldplated silver jewellery on the shoulders.

Both this pieces will be revealed in Verónica Cristóvão’s fashion show at Exponoivos, among with the bridal collection “Flourish” and an exclusive jewellery line that Barbara created specially for brides.